HAVOC (Pack 75001)

contains; Havoc, catsuit, boots, tommy gun, shoulder holster, pistol.

  "Fearless, fiery Havoc fights crime around the world. When danger or disaster threaten, she never fails! Her friends know Havoc as a top newspaper reporter. Fiendish international villains have learnt to fear her as 'Havoc, Super Agent'. Havoc's a girl in a million. With the skills and daring to surmount every hazard, outwit every foe. And with all the gear she needs for her fantastic adventures.

Collect all her gear - and help Havoc keep the world free from nastiness and crime!"

Original packaging notes.

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photos courtesy of Pluteus (above, left & centre) and Ultradot (above right)

Havoc, Super Agent, was the only doll in this sadly shortlived 1970's toy line, may look familiar to doll collectors - that's the same head sculpt as the Mary Quant Daisy doll, both made by Model Toys Ltd. However, all 9" of Havoc came on a more articulated body with neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, waist, hip and knee joints... very much like Horsman Toys' PoliceWoman doll over in the USA, a resemblance that carries over to the artwork and packaging.


(i) We'll start off with perhaps the most major Havoc variant I've ever seen. Many thanks to Lady Pirkko in Finland for this amazing find. And yes, that is a GREEN bodysuit!

picture courtesy of lady Pirkko from Finland. Click for a larger image

(i) Some Havoc dolls lacked elbow and wrist joints (which brings up a parallel with Mego and their 8" WGSH girls). If you want to upgrade from the stiff armed version and don't mind a slightly paler skin colour Horsman's Policewoman does use the same articulated body as Havoc... and she can be picked up somewhat cheaper than a Havoc too!

(ii) Other than unexpected green, Havoc's jumpsuit also seems to have come in a variety of blue hues - from so-dark-it's-nearly-black to fairly light.

(above & below) Some superb photos of Havoc in a lighter blue jumpsuit - from Donald Dieterman a vintage `70ties/80ties Toy Collector from The Netherlands.

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  Havoc was merely a codename, the girl behind the alias remained - as far as I know - unnamed but worked as a newspaper reporter... possibly on the Daily News, prop copies of which appear in some of the adventure packs?

  Perhaps if the Havoc toys had been a success we'd have seen her enemy; the notorious Dr Grizzle of the wonderfully acronymed S.M.O.G.G. (Spying, Murder, Outrage and Gold-Grabbing) given plastic form.

box front; 473k



Thanks again to Pluteus in Belgium for these wonderful scans of the Havoc's original box.

box back; 649k